iThemes Security Global Settings


Note:  These settings will affect all other features plugin wide.



Write To Files

This will allow iThemes security to write to your wp-config.php and .htaccess. If you don't enable this you will have to manually add code to the files for many of the features to function.


Here you'll be able to manage the length of time a host or user will be locked out from this site after hitting the limit of bad logins. How many days should iThemes Security remember a lockout and adjust the number of attempts a user is permitted before being permanently banned. 

Lockout Messages

Host Lockout Messages: This is the message that an IP address will see if they're locked out of the site.

User Lockout Message: This is the message a user will see if their specific username is locked out.

Community Lockout Message: The message to display to a user when their IP has been flagged as bad by the iThemes network.

Authorized Host

This will keep you from locking yourself out of any features if you should trigger a lockout.


Here you will be able to manage how your event logs are stored (File, Database, or both). The amount of time they are kept and the path in which they are stored. 

IP Detection

Choose how iThemes Security determines your visitor‘s IP addresses.

UI Tweaks

You will have the option to remove the Security Messages Menu from the admin bar. You can also enable the Grade Report feature that can help you identify vulnerabilities on the site. 




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