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 Identify Server IP's

Determine the list of your server's IP addresses in order to help prevent lockouts and trusted devices errors. 



iThemes Security Change User ID 1

Some WordPress installations create a default user named admin. To further the security of your site this feature allows you to change this username. It also allows you to change the default database user ID of 1. (This tool is hidden if you don't have a user with an ID of 1.)

This feature edits your database and is permanent. Please make sure you have a backup before using it.



iThemes Security Change Database Prefix

WARNING:  Make sure to make a backup of your database before using this setting!

By default, WordPress assigns the prefix "wp" to all tables in the database where your content, users, and objects exist. For potential attackers, this means it is easier to write scripts that can target WordPress databases as all the important table names for 95% of sites are already known. Changing the "wp" prefix makes it more difficult for tools that are trying to take advantage of vulnerabilities in other places to affect the database of your site.  Before using this tool, we strongly recommend running a backup of your database.

Note: The use of this tool requires quite a bit of system memory which may be more than some hosts can handle. If you back your database up you can't do any permanent damage but without a proper backup, you risk breaking your site and having to perform a rather difficult fix.

Check File Permissions 

A list of important directories and their permissions. 



iThemes Security Server Config Rules

If you're not allowing iThemes Security Pro to write to the .htaccess file, or aren't able to, these rules will need to be manually added. Just copy and paste the rules at the top of the file. 



iThemes Security wp-config.php Rules

If you're not allowing Security to write to the wp-config.php file, or aren't able to, these rules will need to be manually added. Just copy and paste the rules at the top of the file, below the first line (<?PHP). If needed, you can see how to edit the wp-config.php file in this article. 



iThemes Security Changing WordPress Salts

Updating your keys & salts will force all logged in users to log in again.



Security Check Pro

Detect user IP addresses for your server configuration. 




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