The wp rcp memberships command allows you to get and create membership records.


  • --id=<membership_id>: Optional. A specific membership ID to retrieve.
  • --email=<customer_email>: Optional. Retrieve the memberships for the customer with this email address.
  • --create=<number>: Optional. Specify the number of new membership records to create. Default 30.
  • --range=<number>: Optional. The range (in the number of days) to use for the creation period in new memberships. Default 30.
  • --status=<membership_status>: Optional. The status (active, pending, expired, canceled) to use for new memberships. The default is a random selection of all statuses.
  • --level=<membership_level_id>: Optional. The ID of the membership level to assign to new memberships. The default is a random one for each membership.

Note: Creating memberships also creates corresponding user accounts, customer records, and payment records.


Get a specific membership record by ID:

wp rcp memberships --id=206

Create 2 "active" memberships, randomly created over the last 180 days:

wp rcp memberships --create=2 --range=180 --status=active

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