The RCP_Member class was deprecated in version 3.0. See RCP_Membership and RCP_Customer instead.

The RCP_Member class is an extension of  WP_User and provides easy access to member-specific data. This class is used primarily when retrieving or updating account details for a member.

Member Status

Every member has a status attached to their account:

  • free - This is a member that has not paid and is the same as a standard WordPress user account.
  • pending - This is a member that is transitioning from a free, expired, or cancelled member to an active member. Usually this means their payment is pending.
  • active - This is a member whose account is in good standing.
  • cancelled - This is a member that has cancelled their account. Cancelled accounts retain access to content until their expiration date is reached.
  • expired - This is a member who has reached their expiration date.

There are several methods for interacting with member statuses.

  • get_status() - Use this to retrieve the current status of a member.
  • set_status( $new_status ) - Use this to set the member's status.

For example:

$member = new RCP_Member( 1 );
$status = $member->get_status();


$member = new RCP_Member( 1 );
$member->set_status( 'active' );

Expiration Dates

Most member accounts have an expiration date assigned to them. Expiration dates are stored in Y-n-d H:i:s formats.

  • get_expiration_date( $formatted = true ) - This retrieves the expiration date in a human readable format. Pass false to retrieve a non-formatted version.
  • get_expiration_time() - This retrieves the expiration date as a unix timestamp.
  • set_expiration_date( $new_date ) - Sets the expiration date to a new date. The date should be provided as Y-n-d H:i:s
$member = new RCP_Member( 1 );
$member->set_expiration_date( '2015-12-01 12:12:01' );

If you wish to set a member so they never expire, pass none as the date.

$member = new RCP_Member( 1 );
$member->set_expiration_date( 'none' );

Renew / Cancel

One of the most helpful aspects of the RCP_Member class is the renew() and cancel() methods that allow you to easily activate or deactivate a member's account without having to worry about manually setting the status or expiration dates.

To renew a member and automatically set the status and expiration date:

$member = RCP_Member( 1 );

If the member has a recurring subscription, pass true to the renew() method to ensure the recurring status is properly set:

$member = RCP_Member( 1 );
$member->renew( true );

To cancel a member:

$member = RCP_Member( 1 );

To cancel a member's recurring payment at the gateway:

$member = RCP_Member( 1 );

Join Date

This can be used to retrieve the date the user joined a subscription level in MySQL format. The method accepts one optional parameter: the ID of the subscription level to get the join date for. If omitted, it gets the date the user joined their current level.

get_joined_date( $subscription_id = 0 )

Additional Helper Methods

There are numerous other helper methods provided by RCP_Member that can be useful when doing custom development around Restrict Content Pro.

  • get_payment_profile_id()

  • set_payment_profile_id( $profile_id = '' )

  • get_subscription_id()

  • set_subscription_id( $subscription_id )

  • get_subscription_key()

  • get_subscription_name()

  • get_payments()

  • get_notes()

  • add_note( $note = '' )

  • is_active()

  • is_recurring()

  • set_recurring( $yes = true )

  • is_expired()

  • is_trialing()

  • has_trialed()

  • can_access( $post_id = 0 )

  • get_switch_to_url()

  • get_prorate_credit_amount()

  • just_upgraded()

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