This action is deprecated as of version 2.9. Use rcp_create_payment to run actions whenever a payment status is inserted. Use rcp_update_payment_status_complete to run actions whenever a payment is marked as "complete".

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Runs when a payment record is inserted into the database. Note: be sure to check that the payment status is 'complete' if executing code when a new completed payment is made.


  • $payment_id (int) - ID of the payment that was just inserted.
  • $args (array) - Arguments used when inserting the payment. Contains the following:
    • 'subscription' - Name of the subscription level the payment was for.
    • 'date' - Date of the payment record.
    • 'amount' - Amount the payment was for.
    • 'user_id' - ID of the user account who made the payment.
    • 'payment_type' - Type of payment, i.e. "manual".
    • 'subscription_key' - Subscription key.
    • 'transaction_id' - Payment transaction ID (from the gateway).
    • 'status' - Payment status: 'complete', 'pending', or 'refunded'.
  • $amount (float) - Amount the payment was for.


 * Send an email to the customer when a new manual payment is created.
 * @return void
function ag_rcp_insert_payment( $payment_id, $args, $amount ) {

    // If the payment type isn't "manual" - bail.
    if ( 'manual' != $args['payment_type'] ) {

    $user_info = get_userdata( $args['user_id'] );

    // Bail if user info can't be retrieved.
    if( ! $user_info ) {

    // Setup the subject and message.
    $subject = __( 'Your payment is pending', 'rcp' );
    $message = __( 'Hello %name%, your payment for %subscription_name% is still pending. You can view your invoice here: https://yoursite.com/register/your-membership/', 'rcp' );

    // Setup the email class.
    $emails = new RCP_Emails;
    $emails->member_id = $args['user_id'];
    $emails->payment_id = $payment_id;

    // Send the email.
    $emails->send( $user_info->user_email, $subject, $message );


add_action( 'rcp_insert_payment', 'ag_rcp_insert_payment', 10, 3 );
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