This function is deprecated. Use rcp_get_memberships() instead.

This function can be used to return an array of user objects for members with a subscription record.


  • $status (string) (optional) - Get members that have this status. Possible values include: active (default), expired, canceled, pending, free.
  • $subscription (null | int) (optional) - The ID number of a subscription level to get members of, or set as null to not limit the results to a specific subscription level. Default is null.
  • $offset (int) (optional) - Number of results to skip for pagination. Default is 0.
  • $number (int) (optional) - Total number of users to retrieve. Default is 999999 (a really big number to get all results).
  • $order (string) (optional) - The order in which to display the results (ASC or DESC). Default is DESC.
  • $recurring (null | int) (optional) - Whether or not to filter by recurring or non-recurring members. Leave as null (default) to not include any such filters. Set to 1 to only include non-recurring members. Set to 2 to only include recurring members.
  • $search (string) (optional) - Text entered here will be used to search users by email address, URL, ID, username, or display_name. Default is an empty string.

Return values:

  • array of WP_User objects.
  • false if no results are found.
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