Active vs Inactive Membership Levels

When creating a membership level you have the option of setting the status to "Active" or "Inactive".

Active membership levels are automatically displayed on the registration page created by the [register_form] shortcode.

Inactive membership levels are not displayed on the [register_form] shortcode page.

What behavior changes when a membership level is set to "inactive"? What stays the same?

  • Inactive membership levels will not appear as an option on the default [register_form] shortcode page.
  • However, you can force the level to appear by explicitly passing in the level ID. Example: [register_form id="1"]
  • If a membership level is inactive, site administrators can still manually add memberships to that level.
  • The membership level status does not impact permissions/restrictions in any way. The status is not factored in when setting up post restrictions or permissions.

Can inactive membership levels be renewed?

If someone signs up for a membership level, "Silver", then that level status is changed to "inactive", the customer will not be able to manually renew their membership. This behavior can be changed by adding the following custom code:

add_filter( 'rcp_can_renew_deactivated_membership_levels', '__return_true' );

This will allow customers to renew their membership even if the level has been deactivated. You can find more information on how/where to add this code to your site here.

Note: Customers who sign up with auto-renew enabled will continue to have their automatic renewals processed, even if the membership level is deactivated.

What should inactive membership levels be used for?

Inactive membership levels can be useful in the following cases:

  • You have an old membership level that you want to retire or otherwise don't want any new signups.
  • You want to create a hidden membership level that isn't displayed on your normal registration page, but can be shared via a direct link.
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