Group Accounts - Roles & Permissions

The Group Accounts add-on has four different roles for users in a group:

  1. Owner - The owner of the group. The person who registers for a membership creates the group and becomes the owner. This user is in charge of managing billing, renewing the membership (if applicable), and also has permission to edit group details and manage members. A group can only have one owner. View more information about what group owners can see and what tools they have available.
  2. Admin - Group administrators are assigned by group owners. They do not have access to any billing details, but they do have permission to view group details and add/remove members.
  3. Member - Group members are invited by the owner or an admin. Members do not have access to view group details or see information about other members. View more information about what group members can see.
  4. Invited - These are users who have been invited to join the group but have not yet accepted their invitation.

Group admins and members both inherit the following information from the group owner: subscription level, membership status, and expiration date. "Invited" users do not have these permissions until they accept the invitation and get moved to the "member" role. If a group owner lets their subscription expire, all members of their group essentially become expired as well.

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