Custom Redirects

The Custom Redirects add-on allows site owners to define the URLs subscribers are redirected to after logging in and registering accounts. It allows for URLs to be specified for each membership level independently through a simple set of options added to the membership level edit screen.

Once the Custom Redirects add-on is activated, the redirect options can be configured by navigating to Restrict > Membership Levels > Edit. There will be two input fields added near the bottom of the screen:

  • Registration Redirect URL - This is the URL that customers will be sent to after registering for this membership level.
  • Login Redirect URL - This is the URL that customers subscribed to this membership level will be redirected to after logging into their account.

Use complete URLs, like this:

How Do Login Redirects Work With Multiple Memberships?

If a customer has multiple memberships then the highest priced level will be used when determining the login redirect URL. For example: if the customer has memberships to Gold ($25/month) and Bronze ($10/month), then the Gold login redirect will be used.

Note: The login redirect URL only works with the [login_form] shortcode and other login areas built into Restrict Content Pro. It does not apply to the wp-login.php form.

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