What Happens If An Automatic-Renewal Payment Fails?

If someone has a recurring subscription, then payment is taken from them automatically during each billing period. But there are some cases where this payment may fail, such as due to an expired credit card. In that case, here's what will happen:

  • The user will receive the "Renewal Payment Failed" email. This email template is configured in Restrict > Settings > Emails. In order for the email to be sent out, the email subject and body must be filled out. See our email settings article for more information on configuring emails.
  • The member may update his or her billing card through your page containing the [rcp_update_card] shortcode.
  • Your chosen gateway may attempt to bill the card again depending on your settings. For example, here's what the Stripe settings look like in the Stripe dashboard:

  • If the member's account reaches its expiration date and payment has still not be received, the member's account status will be changed to "expired" and they will no longer be able to view restricted content.
  • If payment is received at a later date, their account will be re-activated and the expiration date updated accordingly.
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