What Do I Need to Do When I Get an Error When Trying to Purchase?

You may receive an error like this when trying to purchase or update your billing information:

Error: Oops! The following items appear to be invalid:



If you're using Chrome, please be sure that it is set to allow third-party cookies and disable add-ons. Also, try using a different browser to see if that helps and make your address simpler by entering just the street and number. Please be sure JavaScript is enabled as well as Adobe flash and retry the purchase. You may also need to update your VAT number [here](https://members.ithemes.com/panel/profile.php) before retrying the purchase.


If you’re still experiencing this issue, it could be that something on your network or computer is blocking access to our payment gateway’s Javascript. If your network has any filters on it, that may be the cause and temporarily removing them may help.  And if you could, please tell me what happens when you visit this directly: https://js.recurly.com/v4/recurly.js


Can you please take a screenshot of your console.log (right-click, click Inspect, click the Console tab then refresh the page)? Also, if there are any errors under the Network tab, please list those as well.


Do you know how to view your JavaScript Console? If you're using Chrome as your browser, you can go to View > Developer and select Java Console. http://www.screencast.com/t/87CfMuHK3P2L


Can you try the purchase again then view your Java Console? Then you can copy and paste the information you find there into your reply so we can see if there is something there to explain the trouble you're having.

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