Restoring Your Backup From Remote Destinations

With BackupBuddy, you are able to restore your backup from a remote destination. Remote destinations such as Amazon S3 and Stash introduced this capability. BackupBuddy 8.5.5 and newer introduces five new destinations that can be restored from: FTP, sFTP, Dropbox (v3), Google Drive (v2) and OneDrive. Let's take a look at how to restore your backup from one of these destinations. We're going to be using Dropbox (v3).

In order to use the Dropbox (v3) destination, you will need to license BackupBuddy.

Once you have set up the Dropbox (v3) destination. You will find all of the backups that were sent to that destination:


Once you have determined the backup you want to restore, navigate to the Restore Backup page found under BackupBuddy -> Backups -> Restore Backups:


We will be restoring the entire backup, so we'll click the "Restore" button on the far right side of the backup listing. We will select "Entire Backup".

Depending on how long ago the backup was made, you may need to sign back into your site.

Your site is now restored and you're ready to go! Pretty easy, huh?

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