BackupBuddy 8.5.5 Changes

What's Changed in BackupBuddy 8.5.5?

Dropbox (v3) - Including OAuth2 and Restore Support

With Dropbox (v3), you can now restore your WordPress site from the destination. The new Dropbox (v3) destination also includes OAuth2 for better authorization to the Dropbox application without the hassle of creating your own application.

sFTP/FTP - Including Restore Support

The sFTP and FTP destinations are now compatible for restoration! Just like the new Dropbox (v3) destination, you can also use sFTP or the FTP destination to restore your WordPress site.

OneDrive, Restore, and PHP 7.4 improvements

BackupBuddy 8.5.5 introduced some improvements to the OneDrive destination along with the restore functionality. Another change includes fixing some deprecation notices in PHP 7.4 for full support with this PHP version.

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