Malware Scan

The "Malware Scan" is still the same scan that was previously accessed on the BackupBuddy -> Malware Scan page. This scan is powered by Sucuri.


If it's the first time you've accessed that tab, when accessing it, it will perform the scan.


Once the scan is complete, a report generates with the following details:

  1. Your current malware infection status
  2. Web server details (site, hostname, IP address and system details)
  3. Web application (details, versions, notices, errors and warnings)
  4. Links
  5. Local javascript
  6. External javascript
  7. Iframes included
  8. Blacklisting status

Please Note: Malware scan results are cached for one hour.

To perform a new scan, please click the "Perform New Scan Now" button.



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