Changes from BackupBuddy 8.4 to 8.5

As you can see after updating to 8.5, there have been some updates from the old version of 8.4 to the newer version of 8.5. In this article, we will cover the changes between the two versions.

Tab Consolidation

If you navigate around the BackupBuddy tabs, you'll notice there aren't as many as there were in the previous version. This is because we've moved tabs into previously made tabs to provide a cleaner experience. For example, we've moved the Server Tools tab into the Diagnostics tab. However, you'll notice it doesn't say Server Tools but rather all of the content within the old Server Tools tab is now in the new Diagnostics tab.


We've also removed the Malware Scan tab and placed it under the Diagnostics tab, as seen in the above screenshot.

You can also download a copy of importbuddy.php from the Backups page by clicking the "ImportBuddy" dropdown link.

Backups Page

Previously in Version 8.4, the Backups Page was labeled "Backup". We changed the page to "Backups" as it implies backups are to be seen here as well. If you click on the Backups page, you will see that all of your local backups will be shown, along with the option to create a backup and restore a backup.


Downloading Status Logs

Obtaining the status log of a failed/timed out backup is a bit different from the previous version of 8.4. If you want to obtain the status log for support, then you will need to click on "Diagnostics" and under the "Recent Actions" tab you will find Recent Backups, Recent Restores, and Recent Remote Sends/File Transfers. If you need to obtain the status log of a failed/timed out backup for support, then under the Recent Backups tab you'd find the backup and hover over Status then click View Log.


Schedules Page

The Schedules page has been edited so that you can now see the schedules made on one tab, and create a schedule on the other tab. If you navigate over to the Schedules page (BackupBuddy -> Schedules) you can see the new changes. All of the settings are still the same, but instead of having the schedules listed above the option to add schedules, they are now separated.



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