The BackupBuddy -> Diagnostics page (formerly the "Server Tools" page before BackupBuddy allows you to view helpful information and tools including:

  • (Server) -> Server configuration details, security information, server paths, etc.
  • (Database) -> Database information as well as tables excluded from backups
  • (Size Maps) -> Your site's files in either a graphical format or a listing (with notes about exclusions from backups)
  • (Cron) -> Additional site tools for managing CRON schedules
  • (Recent Actions) -> Information on "Recent Backups", "Recent Restores", and "Recent Remote Sends/File Transfers"
  • (Activity History) -> Information on actions within BackupBuddy recently ran on your site and details about each. Formerly the "Recent Activity" tab within the BackupBuddy -> Settings page
  • (Malware Scan) -> BackupBuddy features a Malware Scan powered by Sucuri (formerly on the BackupBuddy -> Malware page)
  • (Logs/Other) -> BackupBuddy version history and Housekeeping & Troubleshooting tools

Accessing the "Diagnostics" page can be done by locating the "Diagnostics" menu item within the main BackupBuddy menu (BackupBuddy -> Diagnostics):




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