How Do I Obtain and Send Raw Details of Security Pro Scans?

At some point during support, there is a good chance that you may be asked to provide 'Raw Details' of a failed scan. But how do you get the raw details of a scan?  

You can obtain raw details of any scan, failed or clean, by navigating to Security>Logs in your WordPress Dashboard. 



Next, you will change the event type to display the log entries you wish to view. I have changed this event type to Malware as you will most likely be looking for the raw details of failed malware scans. 




Now that you have the correct logs displaying, it is time to get the raw details of the scan. The raw details can be viewed by selecting View Details on the scan in question. (Please note, all scans are clean in this image. However, in the event of a failed scan the bar displaying the information about the failed scan will be red.)




The following screen will show the condensed version of the selected scan's details. Select Show Raw Details to see the full details of the scan. 




Next, highlight and copy all the information within the section marked Raw Details.




Simply paste the raw details of the scan as well as any other pertinent information in the body of the ticket and select the reply button. 



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