Resetting BackupBuddy to Its Defaults

There may be a time when you need to reset BackupBuddy back to its defaults. BackupBuddy has an option that will allow you to reset BackupBuddy back to its defaults, as if you had just installed BackupBuddy.

This option just resets BackupBuddy's options to their defaults and does not affect any backups stored in any location.

To reset BackupBuddy to its defaults, please go here:
BackupBuddy -> Settings -> General Settings ->

Then scroll down to the bottom of the page and look in the lower right corner for the reset options.

You may wish to first export your existing settings by clicking the "Import/Export" Plugin Settings" button. Just copy and paste the contents into a .txt file.

Then you'll want to just take note of any settings you may have adjusted since you installed the plugin. You can always import the exported data back, but the exported data may also contain what's causing your issue. So, you might just want to do an overview so that you can adjust them back after resetting the plugin to defaults. All of your backups will still be there, it's just the settings that will be set to defaults. 

Then to set the plugin back to its defaults, click on the "Reset Plugin Settings to Defaults" button.


Note: if you are having an issue with a remote destination (like the Remote Destinations page being blank), you may need to also uncheck the box to the left of the text "Keep remote destination settings", before clicking the "Reset Plugin Settings to Defaults" button. As that will remove all of the remote destinations configured on the BackupBuddy -> Remote Destinations page. And it will also disconnect Stash Live.




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