Troubleshooting and Support Tips

Today we’re going to be talking about troubleshooting your WordPress site. Hopefully, you never have to use them, but these are some great things to know. 

First Troubleshooting Step

Check WordPress, your plugins, and themes to ensure you’re running the latest versions of everything. Keep in mind that outdated software is the number one reason for successful WordPress hacks. You can see more WordPress Security Best Practices here

If you’re running older versions of your plugins, themes, or WordPress, it can be causing issues on your site.

So where do you find this information? Finding the WordPress version you’re running is as easy as going to your site’s Dashboard or in Dashboard> Updates. It’s right there on your home screen.

Troubleshooting Your WordPress Site - WordPress Version


The version number for all your plugins will show on your plugins page.

Troubleshooting WordPress - Plugin Versions

And for your themes, you’ll go to Appearance > Themes and click Theme Details.

Troubleshooting Your WordPress Site - Theme Versions

Great! You know what versions of everything you have on your site! Now, what do you do with that information…

Well, it’s more than just knowing the version numbers; it’s ensuring you’re running the latest versions. So how do you know whether or not you are?

For WordPress itself and any themes or plugins you got from the WordPress Repo, it’s pretty easy!

You know that annoying red dot that shows up on your phone when you have voicemail or new email and is the only reason some of us check those things? The same thing happens on your site when you have updates available. To see what you have available for updating, go to Dashboard > Updates. If you don’t have the red dot, you’re probably good!

Troubleshooting Your WordPress Site - Notifications

What about those premium themes and plugins, though? Stuff you didn’t get from the repo? That’s got a couple more steps but still not too complicated.

First, you’ll want to make sure you have these items licensed. It will vary depending on where you got your plugins or themes, but for iThemes products, you’ll go to Settings > iThemes licensing where you’ll enter your iThemes username and password to license the products. If needed, you can reset the password using the Reset Password box, or you can reset your password using this link.

Troubleshooting Your WordPress Site - Licensing

With the plugin licensed, you should see the same annoying red dots you see when repo items need updating. If you want, you can also go to your iThemes Dashboard to view the latest version numbers.

Everything is up to date! But it’s still not working…

That brings us to step 2! Everyone’s favorite…testing for a plugin conflict!

We all know how tedious this can be! But please don’t skip this step!

Troubleshooting Your WordPress SIte - Begging

To test for a plugin conflict, go to the plugins page and deactivate every plugin except the one you’re having trouble with. Then go and test that plugin again. Does it work now? If so, you’ve got plugins conflicting with each other! If not…well, we’ll get to that…

So it does work with all the other plugins deactivated, now what? Now comes the tedious bit… Go through and reactivate all of your other plugins, one at a time! After reactivating one of your plugins, go back and test again. If it’s still working as it should, keep going until you find the culprit.

If there doesn’t appear to be a conflict between any of your plugins, try testing for a theme conflict, which just requires enabling one of the default WordPress themes like twenty-twenty. Then test to see if the issue is fixed. If not, the theme isn’t the issue.

Alright, you’ve made sure everything is up to date, and you don’t have any theme or plugin conflicts…where do you go from here?

Now it’s time to get a little more technical, but don’t panic. All we’re going to do is take a look at log files.

Some plugins create logs of what’s happening while the plugin is running to let you know what the problem is should you run into one. We’re going to use BackupBuddy as an example today.

Let’s say you’re running a backup and it’s just not completing and you don’t know what’s happening. While you’re watching the screen that never seems to change, you’ll notice a Status Log tab. Go there to view what’s happening. If something goes wrong, it will tell you and even give suggestions to resolve the issue.

Troubleshooting Your WordPress Site - Status Log

Don’t understand the log files? No worries! At the bottom of the page, you’ll see a button that lets you download your status log file which you can provide to your moderator.

Troubleshooting Your WordPress Site - Download Logs

What if none of your plugins have log files? The next step would be to contact your host and see if they can provide you with the error log created on your server.

So you’ve gone through the three troubleshooting steps, and the problem still isn’t fixed! It’s time to contact your friendly support moderators!

It seems simple enough…but hold up just a second! Here’s how to make the process that much easier and faster FOR YOU!

Be Specific! “iThemes stopped working.” doesn’t tell your moderators anything and just leads to more questions and fewer answers.

Troubleshooting Your WordPress SIte - Confused

iThemes has many plugins and themes, none of which are just called iThemes…

And what exactly stopped working? There are multiple settings in TOPICS in iThemes Security Pro, each with its settings within them. Which one stopped working? A specific feature within that? Basically, just provide as much detail as possible about your issue.

And remember all those steps we went through before? Include them in your ticket. Tell the moderator any troubleshooting you’ve already tried. Tell them what version of WordPress you’re running, the version number of the plugin or theme you’re having trouble with. And those log files you downloaded or got from your host? Attach those to the ticket.

Make sure to add any other relevant information, including your site’s URL.

Including all this information in your tickets helps your moderator, which helps you out!

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