Creating a database backup in Security Pro

It is always good practice to have an up to date backup of your database in case of security breaches or general site issues. The first step is to enable Database Backups. To enable, navigate to Security> Settings> Database Backup and click 'Enable'


Once the feature is enabled, click “Configure Settings” to choose the Backup Method, Number of Backups to Retain, and include or exclude specific tables


You have the option to enable Security Pro to backup all tables in your database, even if they are not part of the WordPress site. The backup can be saved as a copy on your server, emailed to the WordPress Admin email address, or both.


It is recommended to keep the database backups in a .zip file as that is the format needed to restore the database. You can also choose to exclude certain tables if you would not like them to be saved in the backup.


The default interval is 3 days; however, if you update your site frequently, we suggest daily backups. BackupBuddy is another solution for users who would like the option to backup, restore or move their WordPress sites with ease. 


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