Setting Up Notification Recipients


On the main page of the iThemes Security Settings, click the configure settings button on the Notification Center module to view the notification settings.


The first thing you see on the Notifications Settings page is an option to change the From Email address and the Default Recipient list.


 Default Recipients Overview

1. From Email

This is the email address that iThemes Security Notifications will come from. Enter the email address you want to send the iThemes Security Notifications.

2. Default Recipients 

When you enable any notification, it will be sent to your default recipient list unless changed.

3. User Role

You can choose to send the notification to all users of a specific role.

4. Individual User

Or you can choose a single set of users to be the default recipient(s).

Customize Recipients by Notification Type.

If you are a site manager, you may not want the site owner receiving every notification. They may not need or want to be notified of every lockout.


As you can see, the Site Lockout notifications are going to be sent to the Default Recipients list you configured. 

To customize the recipients for the notification toggle the list from Default to Custom.


Now you will see a list of user roles and users that can receive the notification.


I am only the only one that needs to receive the Site Lockout email, so I am only going to check the box next to my user. 

Be sure to check every notification type to make sure the emails are going to the right people.

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