Will I be Charged Tax on My Purchase?

Based on a Supreme Court ruling and, as we're not an EU member state, operating under the MOSS rule, we now charge tax to customers in states/countries that require it in order to be in occurrence with state and federal law. 

If you do not have a VAT number or Tax ID, you will find the additional VAT charge using the rate that is applicable to your country on your invoice. This is the same as you would find VAT on any invoice you receive from local businesses as well as businesses from other EU member states.  You can reclaim the VAT at your local tax authorities as you would do for any other VAT invoice you receive.

If you have added a valid VAT or Tax ID number to your iThemes account, as with B2B transactions between EU member states, no tax will be charged but you will report such transactions in your Tax statement as per the requirements of your local tax authority.

To add your VAT or Tax ID number, visit your iThemes profile page, and enter the tax ID in the field labeled: Tax Exemption ID


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