Creating eBay Products

To create a product to sell on eBay, you'll start by creating a product the same as you would any other WooCommerce product.  

After you've created the base product, go to the Product Data area and to the Inventory section.  Make sure you have it set to allow back-orders.


Sometimes stock updates aren't as fast as you need them to be. In order to cope with the delay and to be able to sell as much as possible, the option to allow backorders for this product must be activated.

Next, you'll select eBay from the menu items.  Click the checkbox to List on eBay.


Clicking the checkbox opens all of your eBay options.


Much of this information will be added for you already if you have gone through the Wizard or your eBay settings.  Any changes you make here will apply only to that specific product and will not change your default settings.  

The first section in your eBay listing area is where you can set the product's Listing Title and determine whether or not to use the product images you have for the product in WooCommerce.


The next section is the Metas section, which includes the eBay Category for the product to be listed under, the Product Condition, Listing Type and Listing Duration.  The Product Condition, Listing Type and Listing Duration will all be pulled from the defaults you created in the settings.


After the meta information, you'll add your Identifiers.  This includes the product's UPC, EAN, ISBN, MPN and Brand.


The section following the Identifiers is Returns.  The settings here have already been pulled in from the Wizard, but you can edit them if you need to for this specific product.


The last section covers your Domestic Shipping and International Shipping options.  Again, this section uses the defaults you've already created, however, you can edit them however you'd like here.


Beneath the Product Data area, you'll see options to add more information.  Specifically, you'll be able to add an eBay Product Description for this product.  


Once you have created all your settings and added your eBay description, be sure to Publish the product, or Update it if it has already been published.



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