Getting Started

Once you have installed and activated the MultiChannel module for iThemes Sales Accelerator, you will be automatically redirected to the Wizard to set up MultiChannel for your site.



To begin setting up your eBay, Amazon and/or Google Merchant accounts, click the Next button on the Welcome page of the MultiChannel Wizard.  


On the Accounts page, you'll select which account(s) you want to set up.  Your current options are eBay and Amazon.

Configuring Your eBay Account

Clicking the Configure button for eBay directs you to a page to get started connecting to eBay.  


First, you'll want to select the country your store is in.  Then you'll click the Connect button which will take you to eBay's login page.  


After signing in, you will need to grant iThemes Sales Accelerator (ITSA) access to your eBay data by clicking the Agree button.


Once the connection has been successfully completed, you will see a Thank You page from eBay.


When you see that page, it is safe to close that tab and move back to the MultiChannel Wizard, where you'll then click the Complete button to finish adding your eBay account. 

Once you have hit the Complete button, you will be taken back to the Accounts page in the Wizard.  

From here, you can either add another account or you can hit Next to move on to the next step.


Configuring Your Amazon Account

Clicking the Configure button for Amazon directs you to a page to get started connecting to Amazon.

On the Amazon account page, you'll just need to enter your Seller ID, Access Key and Secret Key. 


Once you've entered your information, you can hit the Complete button which will take back to the main Accounts page.


Configuring Your Google Merchant Account

Clicking the Configure button for Google directs you to the Google Account page.


Setting up your Google Merchant account is very easy.  You simply need to enter your feed name, select your country and then click the Complete button.  Clicking the Complete button will take you back to the main Accounts page.



Once you've finished setting up your accounts, click the Next button to move onto your settings for each account (there are no settings for Google at this time).  


eBay Settings

The settings for eBay include Payment Methods, PayPal Account, Maximum Dispatch Time and your shipping options.

The Payment Method options include:

  • PayPal
  • Visa or Master Card
  • Money order/Cashier's check
  • Personal Check
  • American Express
  • Discover Card
  • Integrated Merchant Credit Card
  • Cash On Pickup Accepted
  • Other - See item description

If you are using PayPal, you will need to enter the email address associated with your account in the PayPal Account field.

For the Maximum Dispatch Time field, you'll enter how many days you, as the seller, guarantee an order will be dispatched.  For example, if set to one, you are promising the buyer that their purchase will be sent within one day of their purchase.  

For your Domestic Shipping settings, you can choose between Flat Shipping and Calculated Shipping.  You'll then select the shipping services and methods you wish to offer.  


Once you have selected all the shipping services and methods you wish to offer, you will set the rates for each of them.


If you have selected to use Calculated Shipping instead of the Flate Shipping option, you will also see an option to enter a packaging charge.


If you do not wish to offer International Shipping, you can toggle this option off.  


The settings for International Shipping are very similar to Domestic Shipping.  You'll first choose between Flat Shipping and Calculated Shipping, select your shipping services and methods and then add the cost for each option.  With International Shipping, you will also need to select where you are willing to ship to.  


Amazon Settings

For your Amazon settings,  you'll simply need to select your Feed Types.  You can select multiple options for your Feed Types if necessary.



Once you have entered all the details for your account settings, hit the Next button and you'll be taken to the Integration page.


This page simply explains how to add pre-existing products to be sold on eBay, Amazon and/or Google.

To sync up your pre-existing products, you will need to go into each product you want individually.  Under the Product Data tab, you will see options for the accounts you have added to MultiChannel.  Go through these adding the details you need to and, once completed, click the Update button for the product.

And that's it!  You're now ready to sell your products on eBay, Amazon and/or Google!


Note:  If you ever need to go back to the Wizard, you can access it from Sales Accelerator > Settings at the bottom of the pages for eBay, Amazon and Google.

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