iThemes Security Two-Factor Authentication Onboarding

When Two-Factor Authentication is enabled on the site, users will see the Two-Factor On-boarding feature when they log in.

After entering their username and password, they will be met with the default on-boarding welcome message which you can personalize in the Two-Factor Authentication settings.


After entering the Username and Password, they will be guided through the Two-Factor Authentication on-boarding process.


They can select the Two-Factor Authentication method they would like to use.  You can click here for instructions on how to set up the Mobile App method.

methods.png If you click continue without selecting a method, the Backup Codes will be enabled for you.


Download and store these codes someplace safe; you will be required to use one on your next login attempt.


The Two-Factor Authentication On-boarding is now complete. If you wish to disable the on-boarding process for specific user roles you can do so in the Two-Factor Authentication settings.


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