Warehouse Proximity Feature

Setting Up the Warehouse Proximity Feature

To enable this feature, you'll go to Settings > Inventory.  For the Warehouse Selection Method, select Warehouse Proximity.


Still in the settings for Inventory, you'll need to add your Google API Key.


To create your Google API Key, click here then click the Get A Key button.


If you have not already logged into Google, you will be asked to do so then it will ask you to either create or select a previously created project.


Click Next and Google will generate an API Key for you.  


Copy the key provided and paste it into the Google API Key field in your Inventory settings.  Once you've pasted in this information, save your settings.  

With your settings saved and updated, go back to the Google API Key setting and click the More Details link beneath it.  At the end of the instructions found there is a link to test your API Key.  Click that link to make sure your API key is working.


If it does work correctly, you should see a pop up telling you the test was successful.



If you haven't started creating your warehouse(s) yet, you will want to do so now, being sure to include the Country, State and Zip Code for your warehouse.


If you have already created your warehouses and did not originally include this information, go back and edit your warehouses with this information.  

What Does the Proximity Feature Do? 

The Proximity Feature in the iThemes Sales Accelerator Inventory module will select a warehouse for a customer's purchase based on the location of both the customer and the warehouse.  It will automatically select the warehouse closest to the customer.  

If the closest warehouse is out of stock of the item(s) being purchased, it will then select the next closest warehouse.

How Does This Work With Shipping?

Currently, the Inventory module for iThemes Sales Accelerator has integration with the following shipping plugins:

With the Proximity feature and one of the listed shipping plugins, Proximity will still select the closest warehouse with inventory available.  It will also calculate the shipping cost and the available shipping options for you based on the distance between the warehouse and the customer.


If there are more shipping plugins you'd like to see integrated with Inventory for iThemes Sales Accelerator, be sure to submit a feature request.

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