From the Products page within the app, you can see each of your existing products along with their featured image, SKU, inventory and price.  


Pro If you have the Reporting Pro module for iThemes Sales Accelerator, you can search your products from this screen as well.

Clicking on a product will take you to a page with full product details.This includes:

  • The images in the product gallery
  • The product category
  • Product description
  • SKU
  • Price (regular price and sale price)
  • Stock quantity and status
  • Shipping information
  • Advanced features which include reviews being enabled or disabled and purchase notes.


Creating Products Pro

You can also create new products from within app from the Products screen.

To create a new product, click the Add link at the top right of the Products screen.


On the first screen, you will add the name of your product and a description.


Once you've added this information, click the Categories link at the top right of the page.

On the Categories page, start typing in the text box to create a new category or select an existing category. 

Click the Add button to create a new category.


Existing categories will display at the bottom of the text field as you start to type them.  Simply click on the category that appears if that is the one you wish to use.


Once you've added your categories, click the Images link to continue to the next step.

On the Images page, you'll first select a Featured Image for the product then add images to the Product Gallery.  To do this, click the plus sign under Featured Image.


This will bring up the available images in your Media Library.  If you want to add photos from your phone, click the Add link at the top left of the screen.


Once you've selected your Featured Image, you will go through the same process to add images to the Product Gallery as well.


Once you've finished adding images to your Product Gallery, click the More Info link at the top right of the screen to continue to the next section.

The More Info screen is where you can add the product SKU and prices.  If you do not want to add a sale price, simply leave that field blank.  


With this section complete, you can then move on to the Inventory portion.

On the Inventory screen, you will enter the Stock Quantity and toggle the In Stock option if it is in stock.


Once you've completed the Inventory portion, you will move on to the Shipping information.

On the Shipping screen, you can add the weight and dimensions of the product.


Entering the product dimensions is the last step to creating your product.  When you have finished entering the Shipping information, you can hit the Finish link at the top right of the page.  This will submit all the information and create the new product.


When it has finished uploading, click the Done link and you will be taken back to the product page.  Pull down on the products to refresh the screen and your new product will appear.


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