Getting Started with the iThemes Sales Accelerator App

To get started using the iThemes Sales Accelerator mobile app, you'll first need to download it from the iOS App Store.


Note:  The iThemes Sales Accelerator mobile app is only available on iOS at this time.

Once you have downloaded the app to your phone, you'll have the option to add a site to the app either by scanning a QR Code or manually logging into the site.


If you choose to use the QR Code, you'll need to go to your site's dashboard to iThemes Sales Accelerator > General and toggle the switch to the right of API option.


Once you've toggled the option on and saved your settings, you'll be taken to a page where you can scan your QR Code.  


 In the app, click the Add Using QR Code button.  You will be asked if the app can access your camera and once you agree to that, you'll be able to scan the QR Code.


This will automatically add the site to the app and log you in.

If you choose to add the product manually, you will be asked to first enter the URL of your site.


You will then need to log into the site just as you would from your web browser.


Once you have added the site to the app, you will be taken to the Sales Accelerator dashboard.


Log Into Your iThemes Account Pro

If you have an iThemes Sales Accelerator subscription through iThemes, you'll want to log in to access all the Pro features.

To log in, click the gear symbol at the bottom of your menu.


From there, you can opt to log into your iThemes account.



Adding Multiple Sites Pro

If you have a Pro account with iThemes, you can add multiple stores to the app.

First, make sure that you are logged into your iThemes account in the app. 

Then, at the bottom of your menu screen, click the Change Store button.


From your Store page, click the icon at the top right of the page.


From this point, you will follow the same steps you used to add your original site to the app.

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