SEO Checker

After logging into the Sync dashboard, click on any site in your Sync list to navigate to the single site view. Under Admin you’ll find a new Posts & Pages menu item in the single site view.


Click the Posts & Pages menu item and you’ll see a list of all Posts, Pages or Custom Post Types, along with their SEO Check Status.

You’ll see three columns of Yoast data, giving you a quick overview of the status of your SEO efforts.

SEO Check Explanation
Focus Keyword The focus keyword you have set for the post or page in your Yoast settings
SEO Score Good, OK or Bad rating assigned by the Yoast plugin according to their SEO analysis of your content. This score is based on the presence of your focus keyword in the title of the page, a heading, the URL, the content of the article, the meta description and the alt tag of the images.
SEO Readability Good, OK or Bad rating assigned by the Yoast plugin based on their content analysis (a collection of content checks that analyze the content of your pages and posts). This score is based on sentence length, paragraph length, presence and distribution of subheadings, presence of passive voice, presence of transition words and Flesch reading ease, indicating SEO friendly content.

From this view, you can also switch between Posts, Pages or Custom Post Types for additional SEO Checker results.


In conjunction with your SEO checker results, we also added some basic post and page management features to this screen, like trashing, restoring, emptying trash, etc.

You’ll also find a new Add New button that will use the auto-login to take you to the add post/page/custom post type screen. If a Yoast focus keyword is not set, there is a link directly into WP Admin to edit that post.

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