Client Dashboard

Note: The Client Dashboard feature was only designed to work with Admin users.

Once you’ve added a site to Sync, just expand the site view and click the Users tab.

You’ll now see a list of current users for the site. You can either add a new one here or configure an existing user. Click the edit icon and scroll down until you see the client dashboard section.



Select which menu items to show by clicking the checkbox next to each item. You maybe want to hide some menu items completely, or only display some options for some plugins. In the right column, you can control what’s displayed in the top admin bar and disable distracting dashboard widgets.



Last up, you can even hide admin notices — or the messages that some plugins insert into the Dashboard that could allow a user access to a page you have hidden.

Once you’ve made your selections, click Save.


Now, when a client logs in to their site, they’ll see the custom WordPress dashboard view that you created for them.

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