Organizing Sites With Tags

How to Tag Your Sites in Sync

After you’ve logged in to your Sync dashboard, click the Inverted Chevron to the right of the site you would like to add tags to. After expanding the site info, select the Notes tab.  



Now you can begin tagging sites however you want. Tag business sites, personal sites, client sites, live, non-live or however you want to be able to identify your sites. Just make sure the tags are meaningful to you and use however many tags are helpful in organizing your site list.

Sometimes less is more, depending on how many sites you manage. If you manage hundreds of sites, you’ll want to use more tags to be able to filter your site list to exactly what you want to see.

If you’ve already assigned a tag to a site, Sync remembers the tags you’ve established and lets you quickly assign those tags to other sites. Just click the tag you want to use and you’re set.

After you’ve tagged your sites, use the Filter Site List feature to add or subtract tags to narrow down your site list. This way you see only the sites you’re looking for.


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