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Perform a WordPress User Security Check with iThemes Security Pro

Now, with iThemes Security Pro, you can quickly get an overview of important security info for all the users on your WordPress site. See how your users might be affecting your security and take action when needed.

wordpress user security

Information & Actions Available from the WordPress User Security Check

Column Heading Description + Actions
Username Hover over the username to edit or delete the user.
Two-Factor Lock icons indicate whether or not Two-Factor Authentication has been activated for the user.
Last Active Displays the time the user was last active on the site. This information can indicate if a user has been compromised.
Sessions Shows the number of current login locations. Click the button to log the user out of all locations.
Role Change the role of the user. This is helpful if a user has a higher-access role than necessary.

How to Use the WordPress User Security Check

From the WordPress dashboard, navigate to the iThemes Security menu. Open the Settings page.

On the Settings page, navigate to the User Security module at the bottom of the page. Click the Configure Settings button.

From here, you’ll be able to see the details of the WordPress User Security Check. View a listing of users, along with more security information such as Two-Factor Authentication status, last active, current sessions and current WordPress user role. As far as actions go, you can delete or edit users, change the role of individual users and log users out directly from this screen.

wordpress user security


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