Adding a Site

From the Sync Dashboard home screen, you will see a + Add Site button.  Click + Add Site.  



Next, select the Connect Site From Sync option in the pop-up menu.



Then, enter your site address. 



 Next, enter your username and password, select if you want to enroll the site in Uptime Monitoring and choose whether or not to create a Client Report Schedule. Finally, click the Add Site button to complete the connection.



Adding a site with iThemes Security Pro Installed

Adding a site with iThemes Security Pro installed is exactly the same up until after you enter the site's URL. After entering the site's URL,  iThemes Sync Pro will check to see if iThemes Security Pro is installed. If Security Pro is installed you will be redirected to the Sync Connect login that hooks directly into iThemes Security Pro.

After you are redirected, click the Connect Sync button.


To complete the connection, log into WordPress using your preferred login method.


After you successfully log into WordPress, you will be redirected back to your Sync Pro dashboard.


Adding a site with iThemes Hosting

Select the Create iThemes Hosting Site and let it run! We'll get everything set up for you and after a few minutes, you'll be able to begin working on your new website!

Once your site has been set up you may need to take a look at one of these articles:

Handling DNS

Updating Your Domain

Migrating your Site to iThemes Hosting

Updating Site Title

How to get email





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