Quick Setup

The BackupBuddy Quick Setup page is designed to help you get started with BackupBuddy by walking through four important settings. After installing BackupBuddy, the Quick Setup page will appear.


Enter your e-mail address to get backup and error notifications. This email address will receive email notifications for errors. You can further customize BackupBuddy Email Notifications by visiting the Email Notifications section of the General BackupBuddy Settings page.

Create a password for restoring or migrating your backups This is the required password for running the ImportBuddy import/migration script. This password prevents unauthorized access when using this tool. We strongly recommend using a different password than your WordPress login password. This password can also be configured in the General section of the BackupBuddy General Settings page.

Where do you want to send your backups (scheduled or manually sent)? From the drop-down list, select the location for backup files to be stored:

To manage BackupBuddy remote destinations, visit the Remote Destinations page in the BackupBuddy Menu.

How often do you want to back up your site? From the drop-down list, select a schedule for backing up your site.

  • Not Automated Schedule
  • Starter [Recommended] (Monthly complete backup + weekly database backup)
  • Active Blogger (Weekly complete backup + daily database backup)

To further customize your BackupBuddy backup schedules, visit the Scheduling page in the BackupBuddy menu.


Once you've completed all 4 steps, click Save Settings and then make your first backup.

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