iThemes Security Temporary Privilege Escalation

1. Navigate to the Pro tab in the iThemes Security Pro plugin menu. Scroll down until you see the Temporary Privilege Escalation section.

2. Click Enable privilege escalation to enable and then click Save All Changes.

3. To apply this setting to a user, you’ll need to navigate to the Users page from the Users menu item in the WordPress dashboard.

4. Either add a new user here or edit an existing user. Scroll the the bottom of any user profile and you’ll see the Temporary Privilege Escalation section.

Note: The user must have a current active role that is lower than Administrator and/or Editor for the Temporary Privilege options to appear.

5. Select the temporary role you’d like to grant to the user (administrator or editor) and the number of days for the role to be active.

6. Click Update User. The user will now have temporary admin or editor access to the site.

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