iThemes Security File Change Detection

Even the best security solutions can fail. How do you know if someone gets into your site? You will know because they will change something. File Change detection will tell you what files have changed in your WordPress installation alerting you to changes not made by yourself. Unlike other solutions, this plugin will look only at your installation and compare files to the last check instead of comparing them with a remote installation thereby taking into account whether or not you modify the files yourself.

File Change Detection

Enable the File Change Detection feature.

Split File Scanning

Splits file checking into 7 chunks (plugins, themes, wp-admin, wp-includes, uploads, the rest of wp-content and everything that is leftover) and divides the checks evenly over the course of a day. This feature may result in more notifications but will allow for the scanning of bigger sites to continue even on a lower-end web host.

Include/Exclude Files and Folders

Select what files and folders we should exclude, or whether the scan should only include the selected files and folders.

Files and Folders List

Exclude/Include files or folders by clicking the red minus next to the file or folder name.

Ignore File Types

File types listed here will not be checked for changes. While it is possible to change files such as images it is quite rare and nearly all known WordPress attacks exploit php, js and other text files.

Email Change Notifications

Notifications will be sent to all emails set to receive notifications on the global settings page.

Display Admin File Change Warning

Disabling this feature will prevent the file change warning from displaying to the site administrator in the WordPress Dashboard. Note that disabling both the error message and the email notification will result in no notifications of file changes. The only way you will be able to tell is by manually checking the log files.

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