iThemes Security Global Settings

Note:  These settings will affect all other features plugin wide.

Write To Files

This will allow iThemes security to write to your wp-config.php and .htaccess. If you don't enable this you will have to manually add code to the files for many of the features to function.

Notification Email

This is the email that all notifications such as a lockout or file changes will go to.

Backup Delivery Email

This is where all of your backups will go to. You can add multiple emails, just be sure it's one per line.

Host Lockout Message

This is the message that an IP address will see if they're locked out of the site.

User Lockout Message

This is the message a user will see if their specific username is locked out.

Blacklist Repeat Offender

Enable this option to auto-ban IPs that meet your lockout criteria.

Blacklist Threshold

Here is where you set how many times an IP gets locked out while meeting your Blacklist Lookback Period criteria before it is banned.

Blacklist Lookback Period

The length of time the offending IP will be locked out.

Lockout White List

Here you enter an IP address or IP ranges that you don't want to be locked out. You can enter as many as you'd like, but each one has to be on its own line.

Email Notifications

If you enable this you'll receive an email each time any type of lockout occurs.

Log Type

You have three choices of how you'd like to store your logs: the database only, file only or both. The database option will store the logs in your database with other WordPress data. The file option will store them on your hard drive where ever you specify in your Path to Log Files setting. Both will store them in both locations.

Days to Keep Database Logs

Here set the number of days to store your logs in the database so it doesn't get too bloated.

Path to Log Files

If you choose to store your logs in a file this is the path to where they will be stored.

Allow Data Tracking

We highly recommend enabling this feature. It will send data showing what features have been enabled and disabled to Google Analytics. This will help us know what features to give priority to improving and what future features to focus on.

Disable File Locking

Turning this option on will prevent errors related to file locking, however, might result in operations being executed twice. We do not recommend turning this off unless your host prevents the file locking feature from working correctly.

Override Proxy Detection

If you're not using a proxy service such as Varnish, Cloudflare or others turning this on may result in more accurate IP detection.

Hide Security Menu in Admin Bar

Hide Security menu in the admin bar


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