iThemes Security Change wp-content Directory Name

WARNING:  Renaming the wp-content directory will not update the path in existing content. Use this feature only on new sites or in a situation where you can easily update all existing links. For more information, visit Fixing iThemes Security Lockouts and What is Changed By iThemes Security

By default, WordPress puts all your content (including images, plugins, themes, uploads and more) in a directory called "wp-content." This default folder name makes it easy for attackers to scan for files with security vulnerabilities on your WordPress installation because they know where the vulnerable files are located. Moving the "wp-content" folder can make it more difficult for an attacker to find problems with your site, as scans of your site's file system will not produce any results.

This tool will not allow further changes to your wp-content folder once it has been renamed in order to avoid accidentally breaking the site later. Uninstalling this plugin will not revert the changes made by this feature.

Changing the name of the wp-content directory may, in fact, break plugins and themes that have "hard-coded" it into their design rather than calling it dynamically.

WARNING: Make sure to make a backup of your database before using this setting.

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