iThemes Security Secure Socket Layers (SSL)

Secure Socket Layers (SSL) is a technology that is used to encrypt the data sent between your server or host and a visitor to your web page. When SSL is activated, it makes it almost impossible for an attacker to intercept data in transit, therefore making the transmission of form, password, or other encrypted data much safer. You can find a list of free/inexpensive SSL certificate providers here

This plugin gives you the option of turning on SSL (if your server or host supports it) for all or part of your site. The options below allow you to automatically use SSL for major parts of your site such as the login page, the admin dashboard or the site as a whole. You can also turn on SSL for any post or page by editing the content and selecting "Enable SSL" in the publishing options of the content in question.

Note: While this plugin does give you the option of encrypting everything, SSL may not be for you. SSL does add overhead to your site which will increase download times slightly. Therefore we recommend you enable SSL at a minimum on the login page, then on the whole admin section and finally on individual pages or posts with forms that require sensitive information.

Frontend SSL Mode

Enables secure SSL connection for the front-end (public parts of your site). Turning this off will disable front-end SSL control, turning this on "Per Content" will place a checkbox on the edit page for all posts and pages (near the publish settings) allowing you to turn on SSL for selected pages or posts, and selecting "Whole Site" will force the whole site to use SSL (not recommended unless you have a really good reason to use it)

Force SSL For Dashboard

Forces all dashboard pages to be served only over a secure SSL connection.

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