Support Policies

  • Support Hours - Support hours are 8 am – 5 pm Monday through Friday, Central Time (1 pm - 11 pm GMT). While support is only guaranteed during these times, our Help Center is open 24 hours a day for answers to common troubleshooting questions. Check out the current iThemes local day and time
  • Response Times - Our staff reply to tickets in the order they are received, and we try to answer each ticket within one business day.
    Please keep in mind, when you reply to your own ticket before a staff member answers, it moves the ticket to the top of the list and will delay a response.
  • Help Center - A quick search of the Help Center can save time entering a ticket (and if you searched for a solution and didn't find it, let us know! We are always adding new documentation, and your suggestions help us help you.)
  • Priority Tickets - While every ticket will be answered, we give top priority to any tickets that involve bugs in code, as this allows our development team to quickly work on a fix for everyone using the product involved.
  • Scope of Support - We will do our best to help troubleshoot and diagnose anything causing an issue with your use of an iThemes product. However, we are unable to repair other third-party plugins or themes that may be interfering with our products. If there's a hosting issue, we are always happy to provide best practice guidelines you can pass along to your host in order to ensure our products work on your chosen host.
    • Custom Code - We do not offer support for any custom code at this time.  Our goal is to support all of our products to the best of our ability for every customer that we have and do not have the additional resources that would be necessary to provide support for custom code.  
    • RCP Consultants - You can find the list of RCP consultants here and additional options for assistance from codeable here. 
  • Things We Need - The link to your site, as well as any plugin error logs, server error logs, and screenshots you may have. The plugin or theme version number is important as well. Including those things in your ticket from the beginning will help ensure a faster, more accurate response.
  • Questions per Ticket - If you happen to have multiple questions, please ask one per ticket so that we can track each issue individually.
  • Conflict Check - We recommend starting your troubleshooting by testing for a plugin/theme conflict because it is very often the root of the problem. You may also install the Health Check plugin to help determine the cause of the issue.  If you have already tried that prior to coming to support, please be sure to include that in your ticket so we don't ask you to do any testing you've already done. If you are unsure of how to perform a conflict check, this article gives clear instructions. 
  • Who Can Place a Support Ticket - Account access, support access and change requests are granted to the account holder only. So be sure to create the account under the name of the person who will be handling the account and requesting support.  If the plugin was purchased and installed by another party, such as a web developer, they will be the ONLY ones to have access to the account. If you are a web developer/contractor and the plugin was purchased by your client, the client (Account Owner) will need to reach out to us here
  • Be Excellent to Each Other - There are few things more frustrating than something technical not working how you expect, and our staff understand that and are here to help you. Polite courtesy from both sides is our goal (we won't use derogatory or vulgar language, or spam you, and ask that you refrain from the same.)
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