Tips for Creating a Ticket

Check out the Support Policies before posting - we've included some helpful hints to help us help you as quickly as possible.

  1. Search the Help Center, as we are always updating it. (And if you can't find an answer in the Help Center, let us know!)
  2. Include the URL to your site, any error or status logs, and any screenshots of errors or issues you have. The more information we have in the initial ticket, the better we will be able to assist you. 
  3. Sometimes, an iThemes staff member will ask for Admin login information or FTP or cPanel information. Please do not provide this information before it is requested. 
  4. We request these only when necessary, treat them as carefully as our own logins, and ask that you delete any Admin accounts created for us and change your FTP/cPanel login after we are done troubleshooting.
  5. Any free plugins are provided as is and no support is offered nor guaranteed in any manner. View our Free Plugins Policies.
  6. Test for a plugin conflict before creating the ticket. We recommend testing for a plugin conflict because it is very often the root of the problem.  The first step in troubleshooting almost any issue will be checking for a conflict.  If you have already tried that before coming to support, please be sure to include that in your ticket so we don't ask you to do any testing you've already done.
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