Inventory Settings

Under Sales Accelerator > Settings > Inventory, you will find all of your settings for your warehouse. 


 Inventory Access Roles

The Inventory Access Roles setting allows you to determine which user roles are allowed to access the Sales Accelerator menus and submenus.


Access Exceptions

The Access Exceptions setting allows you to exclude specific users within a user role from having access to the Sales Accelerator menu and submenus.


Stock Reduction Status

The Stock Reduction Status feature allows you to determine when the stock is removed from your inventory based on the status of the order.  


Warehouse Selection Method

With the Manual Warehouse Selection Roles setting, you can determine which user roles are allowed to manually select which warehouse the inventory is drawn from while making a purchase.


The options available for this setting are:

  • Warehouse Priority
  • Warehouse Proximity
  • Online Warehouse

Online Warehouse

The Online Warehouse option allows you to set a warehouse specific to your online sales.


Google API Key

In order to use the Warehouse Proximity feature, you need to create and enter a Google Maps Geocoding API key.  



Show Stock Changes

When the Show Stock Changes feature is enabled, the Order Notes will include notes from Warehouses as well, including notes that the notification has been sent to the appropriate warehouse and any changes to inventory.  


Low Stock Threshold

If you would like to be alerted when your stock reaches a certain inventory level, enter that level in the Low Stock Threshold settings.


Stock Report Delimiter

The Stock Report Delimiter is the format used in your CSV export or import file.  The default is ';' which is the European format.  American format is ','.



Custom Meta Fields in Stock Report

If you need or want to add custom fields to your stock reports, you can add them to the Custom Meta Fields in Stock Report setting.



Email Warehouse

The Email Warehouse feature allows you to determine which warehouses receive an email when an order is placed.




If you need to re-import your stock, you can use the Re-Import option which will import all of your stock into the warehouse with the highest priority.  


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