The Table section of your Dashboard shows the statistics from one of your reports in table form.


You can determine which report shows here in Sales Accelerator > Settings > Dashboard.


Your report options for the Table section include:  

  • Best Customers
  • Top Countries
  • Available Quantities Pro
  • Products Out of StockPro
  • Products In Stock Pro
  • Best Category Pro
  • Best Product Pro
  • Refunds Pro
  • Total Coupons Pro
  • Payment Methods Pro
  • Category Distribution by Country Pro
  • Zone Distribution Pro
  • Orders by Order Status Pro
  • Orders by Operating System Pro
  • Orders by Browsers Pro
  • Type of Products Pro
  • Sales by Day Pro
  • Sales by Week Pro
  • Sales by Hour Pro

Export to CSV Pro

When using the Pro version of iThemes Sales Accelerator, you'll see the option to export your Table report to a CSV.  


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