Reporting Pro

With the Reporting Pro Module, you can activate advanced reports so you can see sales and customer stats that matter most.

Your WordPress dashboard will be transformed so that all the most important stats about your store are in one place, organized into dynamic charts, graphs and tables. With customizable settings, you can choose which stats to include in your reports.

Under Sales Accelerator > Settings > Reporting, you will find all of your options for your reports.  


Reporting Access Roles


The Reporting Access Roles setting allows you to determine which user roles are allowed to access the Sales Accelerator menus and submenus.


Access Exceptions


The Access Exceptions setting allows you to exclude specific users from a user role from having access to the Sales Accelerator menu and submenus.

Order Status


In the Order Status setting, you can choose which order types are included in your statistics.


Total Net


The Total Net setting allows you to determine which fields in the Total Net calculation.


Total Sales


In the settings for Total Sales, you can determine whether to calculate your Gross or Net sales.

Recent Orders


The Recent Orders setting allows you to decide whether to show the recent orders in the sidebar by the Creation Date of the order or by Updated Date.



If you need to re-import your WooCommerce data, you can use the Re-Import feature to delete the existing data and start a new import.

Product Cost


With the Product Cost feature enabled, a new field will be created to set the cost of a product so that you can compare your Product Costs with your Product Sales.

Live Update


If you enable the Live Update setting, the data on your dashboard will continue to refresh with live data of the activity on your site.

Reporting Pro is a Premium module for iThemes Sales Accelerator only available at

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