Dashboard Settings

The Dashboard settings in iThemes Sales Accelerator allows you to determine what information is shown on the Sales Accelerator Dashboard if you have enabled this feature.Dashboard_Settings.png

Report Types & Live Updates


The Report Types & Live Updates shows you which reports are available to you and lets you decide which options are updated live.

To see a list of all reports and their availability, click the Available Reports button.


To see a list of all reports and determine which are included in the live update, click the Live Update Options button.


Fast Facts


The first section of the Dashboard is where your Fast Facts show.  


In the settings, you can remove and add items as well as drag and drop to reorder them.


The options you can add to the Fast Facts include:

  • Products Available
  • Total Customers
  • Products Out of Stock
  • Total Sales
  • Waiting Payment Pro
  • Average Markup Pro
  • Available Quantities Pro
  • Low Stock Products Pro
  • Waiting Shipment Pro
  • Products in Stock Pro



The Overview section allows you to choose nine items to show on your Reports dashboard.  

The Overview options include: 

  • Best Category
  • Total Sales
  • Best Product Pro
  • Average Order Amount Pro
  • Average Product Amount Per Order Pro
  • Products Bought Pro
  • New Clients Pro
  • Shipping Method Pro
  • Refunds Pro
  • Total Coupons Pro
  • Best Country Pro

The first three items in your list will show in the boxes in the Overview section of your dashboard.




The Table section allows you to select a report you would like displayed as a table on the Dashboard.


Your report options for the Table section include:

  • Best Customers
  • Top Countries
  • Available Quantities Pro
  • Products Out of Stock Pro
  • Products in Stock Pro
  • Best Category Pro
  • Best Product Pro
  • Refunds Pro
  • Total Coupons Pro
  • Payment Methods Pro
  • Category Distribution by Country Pro
  • Zone Distribution Pro
  • Orders by Order Status Pro
  • Orders by Operating System Pro
  • Orders by Browser Pro
  • Type of Products Pro
  • Sales by Day Pro
  • Sales by Week Pro
  • Sales by Hour Pro



The Charts section shows your reports in charts and graphs.  You can select what you want to show in this section from the following:

  • Shipping Method
  • Customer vs Guests
  • Top Countries Pro
  • Orders Placed vs Orders Paid Pro
  • Returning vs New Customers Pro
  • Sales by Day Pro
  • Sales by Week Pro
  • Sales by Hour Pro


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